Paladin Supply Chain Solutions, LLC

Our Experience & Services

Our Experience

Experience implementing Tier 1 & Tier 2 WMS systems in over 18 installations which included:  Automation, RF, Voice, Pick-To-Light and Engineered Labor Standards.

Experienced in facility layout, build, design and start-up experience for multiple facilities totaling over 2 million sq. ft. 

Automation experience, including:  Requirements building, RFI & RFP; Design & Build, Integration with multiple systems including; Conveyors, Sortation, ASRS, Put-Walls and more.

Continuous Improvement; creation of specialized programs, LEAN concepts and methodology, proven track-record in cost reduction, efficiency gains and change management.

Operations Management Experience for workforces as small as 50 associates and as large as 1,000 associates for both warehousing and transportation

Professional Services

Facility Optimization: Layout & Design, Slotting, Productivity Improvements and Metrics development

Continuous Improvement: Process Development & Process Refinement & LEAN, and Engineered Standards

Labor Strategy; Contract Negotiations, Contract Development and Contract Management

System Evaluation & Selection Services for; WMS, TMS, OMS, WCS, WES, LMS.  Includes requirements development, RFI, RFP and contract awards

Automation; includes evaluation, selection, design, integration

Technology Implementation; includes evaluation, selection, design, integration and implementation

​eCommerce Order Fulfillment & Delivery Management (each pick automation)

Our Approach


Paladin, uses interviews and observation to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your department, operation, or DC.  In addition, we work with your executives and management team to determine specific business requirements and set goals. 


We then identify and apply industry best practices, any needed technology, LEAN processes and training to take your team and your operation to the next level.


Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.  Whether it is a Technology implementation or process improvements, Paladin will be there during this critical part.


Paladin monitors Key Performance Indicators at the right intervals to insure success.  Adjusting strategies, processes and training as needed to get the right results.